Our pigs are sourced locally and are bred just for our hog roast, the hog is cooked to perfection in our machines turning slowly throughout the cooking time and self basting in its own juices, which makes every piece of the pork tender and tasty.  The hog roast is served on fresh soft large 6” bap, we work on a ratio of 1½ baps per person, so there is always plenty for everyone, this is accompanied with apple sauce and stuffing and a large variety of other sauces.  You will have a chef to carve and an assistant(s) to serve to your guests.  This will include all paper plates, napkins and plastic knives and forks if required.


Our BBQ’s are ‘simply the best’ around, we bring along beef burgers, cumberland sausages and traditional sausages, we make chicken kebabs and beef kebabs on skewers, chicken drumsticks, beef steaks, we also marinate some of our meats: peppered steaks, chinese pork steaks and minty lamb chops. With this we shall supply of soft fresh baps and rolls and a variety of sauces. This will include a chef and assistant(s) to serve to your guests. We will supply all paper plates, napkins and knives and forks.

Option Extras


    To have as an accompliment with your hog roast to be able to provide a choice of meats for your guests.


    All homemade salads:

    Potato Salad – new potatoes sliced adding chopped onions and chives for added flavour and mayonnaise,

    Coleslaw – Grated crisp carrots, red onions and cabbage mixed together with a dash of lemon juice and mayonnaise,

    Pasta Salad – pasta twists with freshly diced red, green and yellow peppers with mayonnaise,

    Waldorf Salad – A popular salad served which includes chopped crunchy apples, sliced celery, chopped walnuts and sultanas all mixed together with mayonnaise,

    Fresh Green Salad – A mix of traditional fresh ingredients, comprising of lettuce, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions,

    Hot New Potatoes – New potatoes cooked smothered in butter and fresh mint added for flavour, served in our hot chafing dish.


    Roast Potatoes – Potatoes peeled and chopped into quarters and roasted in pork fat on the hog roast machine and cooked until crispy.


    Hot Oatcakes, with cheese, sausage and bacon something different for your guests, have on their own or with your Hog Roast.


    Homemade steak and potato pie with a home made pastry topping with mushy peas/garden peas and gravy


    Varieties of Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Carrot Cake, Banoffi Pie, Black Forest Gateau, Strawberry Gateau, Profiteroles, Coffee & Walnut Cake, Victoria Sponge Cake, Tiramisu and Toffee Crunch Pie.


    We also hire china plates, side plates, dishes and stainless steel cutlery.

    If there is something that you want and is not on our menu, please ask, we will tailor your menu to suit your needs. We can also supply staff to serve drinks to your guests or other duties if required.


    Go to www.marshdelights.co.uk which is part of Pig Out Hog Roast for a price enquiry.

Contact us – Heather on 07809865162 or email sales@pig-out.co.uk

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